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Pierrot Lunaire in an exciting new stage setting

A sad clown. With his pale face and tear on his cheek, the Pierrot character from the eighteenth century Italian commedia dell’arte was the counterpart to the cheerful clown. He has been a timeless source of inspiration for artists ever since. The choreographer Marlene Monteiro Freitas is known for her musical, whimsical and imaginative work. For her first adaptation of an existing piece of musical theatre, she chose Arnold Schönberg’s composition Pierrot Lunaire from 1912 about the moonstruck clown. Pierrot stumbles through a kaleidoscopic sonic landscape that holds the middle ground between speech and singing, intimacy and expressivity, and comedy and tragedy. Freitas adds modern elements to the famous, exuberant composition and turns it into an entirely unique visual adventure performed by Klangforum Wien with the singer Sofia Jernberg. 

Arnold Schönberg
— Pierrot lunaire op. 21

Klangforum Wien
Sofia Jernberg, Stimme

Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Regie

Dirigent: Michael Zlabinger

Text: Holland Festival
Foto: José Albergaria & MMF

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