Happiness Seriousness
— A Counterpoint

Kulturjahr Graz 2020

Hofkonzerte Graz 2020

40 Konzerte vom 6.8. bis zum 8.8.2020

Bringing something full of evening back into concert life in the early 21st century is a worthwhile undertaking. The now common fragmentation of contemporary music programs in the almost canonized form of twelve-, fifteen- or (be careful, excessive !!) twenty-minute works by four different composers undoubtedly has its meaning and merits. It is just a shame that the evening filling has receded into the background not only in the formal-external but above all also in the material-content sense, compared to this solidified norm.For the coming seasons, the Klangforum Wien has conceived a number of projects or taken them back into its repertoire, which allows a concentrated examination of the great work of a single composer or a long and calm encounter with the music of our time.


On 5 November 2022, the first meta-opera by Klangforum Wien will be premiered together with the Belgian Needcompany. A piece of opera history of the last 110 years awaits you in the Festspielhaus Erl in Tyrol – drawn from the fund of over 90 operas.

AMOPERA Klangforum Wien Meta-Oper

With AMOPERA, unique narratives are assembled, the abysses of LOVE and its ecstasies told in the mirror of a history of the new in music.

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