Happiness Seriousness
— A Counterpoint

Kulturjahr Graz 2020

Hofkonzerte Graz 2020

40 Konzerte vom 6.8. bis zum 8.8.2020

Bringing something full of evening back into concert life in the early 21st century is a worthwhile undertaking. The now common fragmentation of contemporary music programs in the almost canonized form of twelve-, fifteen- or (be careful, excessive !!) twenty-minute works by four different composers undoubtedly has its meaning and merits. It is just a shame that the evening filling has receded into the background not only in the formal-external but above all also in the material-content sense, compared to this solidified norm.

For the coming seasons, the Klangforum Wien has conceived a number of projects or taken them back into its repertoire, which allows a concentrated examination of the great work of a single composer or a long and calm encounter with the music of our time.

An evening about human nature – and the future of the world. The Ensemble Klangforum Wien, a tightrope walker, five animated films, and five compositions of new music, vocal accompanied by texts from ancient and contemporary philosophy.

Director: Mirella Weingarten

What can music do? It can move the brain and touch the heart.

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Court concerts Graz 2020

The Klangforum Wien will play 40 concerts from 6.8. until August 8th, 2020 spread all over the city. Thereby, 20 inner courtyards of three to seven-person formations of the Klangforum Wien will be played with 30-minute concerts at various time windows.
The Klangforum Wien invites the residents to a new familiarity within sight and hearing and explores the acoustic space by means of strong positions of contemporary music creation.

The inner courtyard, as the urban space in front of the living room, will gain particular importance in the future.

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