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Musicians are familiar with the term SOLO – as interpreters of works for individual instruments or as brilliant soloists in front of an accompanying orchestra. With the current pandemic, SOLO has taken on a completely new and intensified dimension for musicians. Away from concert stages, alone with their instruments, musicians are in constant self-reflection.

In the 35th year of its existence, Klangforum Wien returns to its origins with its SOLO project and showcases the soloistic power and uncompromising characteristics of each individual musician that laid the foundation for this ensemble.

SOLO is thanks to the inspiration and generous support of an art-loving patron.

Press information:

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—> Cover SOLO exclusive edition
(Credits: Antoinette Zwirchmayr)

Ensemble photos:

—> Klangforum Wien 1
—> Klangforum Wien 2
—> Klangforum Wien 3
(Credits: Tina Herzl)

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