Klangforum Wien talks to composers and musicians about contemporary music.

Klangform Wien and Olga Neuwirth: Life in the world of new music

Klangforum Wien and Helmut Lachenmann: The adventure of listening

Klangforum Wien and Bernhard Lang:The obsession with Parzifal

Klangform Wien and Enno Poppe: The fine art of judging

Klangform Wien and Georg Friedrich Haas: The darkness in music

Conductor Baldur Brönnimann and composer Lukas König talk about his piece “Stereogram 1”

Joonas Ahonen on Georges Aperghis’ piece “Situations”

Tito Ceccherini on Salvatore Sciarrino’s piece “Carnival”

Klangforum Wien and Peter Jakober: Interview

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