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XIII Ciclo de Música actual de Badajoz

February 1, 20.30 - 20.30

Palacio de Congresos Manuel Rojas, Badajoz, Spanien

Klangforum Wien offers a concert on February 1st at 8:30 p.m. in the Palacio de Congresos de Badajoz, conducted by composer Mauricio Sotelo. This is done as part of the XIII. Cycle of current music from Badajoz (XIII Ciclo de Música actual de Badajoz). The program includes three works by Mauricio Sotelo (National Music Award 2001), one of it, “De imaginum, signorum et idearum Composition II”, is an absolute premiere and was commissioned by the National Center for Musical Diffusion (CNDM). The composer from Granada is accompanied in this repertoire by Olga Neuwirth, a composer who surprises with her eclecticism; Bernhard Lang, whose work is inspired by sources as diverse as classical, jazz, rock and techno; and Beat Furrer, co-founder of Klangforum.

the thirteenth Cycle of contemporary music is organized by the Badajoz Philharmonic Society in co-production with the CNDM.

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Mauricio Sotelo
— De Imaginium, signorum, et idearum compositione I
Olga Neuwirth
— CoronAtion: io sono ferito ahimé
Mauricio Sotelo 
— De Magia
Bernhard Lang
— DW 21
Mauricio Sotelo
— Imaginum, signorum, et idearum compositione II (premiere)
Beat Furrer
— Klavierquartett (premiere)

Mauricio Sotelo

Mauricio Sotelo | Olga Neuwirth | Bernhard Lang | Beat Furrer

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