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November 24, 19.30 - 19.30

Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal, Vienna, Austria

Lockdown Austria — New concert date will be announced 

«Short stories is committed to the aesthetics of surrealist film, especially the work of Luis Buñuel. The piece consists of a multitude of different scenes – some purely instrumental, some with feed, occasionally also purely electronic – which are arranged in a kind of dream logic and connected to one another with the help of editing and cross-fading techniques. ” (Christof Ressi) In addition to the composer, arranger, media artist and software developer Christof Ressi, who was born in Villach in 1989, the Klangforum Wien also presents – finally live – last year’s award winner Matthias Kranebitter and Aleksandra Gryka, who was born in Warsaw in 1977.

Production of Wien Modern.
Supported as part of the MehrWERT sponsorship program of Erste Bank.

Following the concert, Erste Bank invites you to a reception in the Berio Hall.

Text: Wien Modern
Photo: Zoltán Füzesi

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Matthias Kranebitter
— Encyclopedia of pitch and deviation
Christof Ressi
— Short Stories UA (Erste Bank Preis 2021)
Aleksandra Gryka
— emptyloop

Tim Anderson

Kranebitter | Ressi | Gryka


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