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The Golden Dragon

February 14, 19.00 - 21.00

Kammeroper, Wien, Österreich

While Thai soup No. 6 is being spooned up in the Thai-China-Vietnam restaurant “The Golden Dragon”, drama is unfolding in the back kitchen. A Chinese without a residence permit with a toothache, his missing sister, two overtired stewardesses, a frustrated old man from the second floor and the miserly cricket who forces the ant into prostitution: Peter Eötvös opens a panopticon of global living environments in his chamber opera The Golden Dragon, which premiered in 2014 . The narrative trick of the opera, which is based on Roland Schimmelpfennig’s play, which premiered at the Burgtheater in 2009: two male and three male singers slip into all 17 roles of the piece. Men play women, Asians play Europeans, old people play young and vice versa. The Hungarian composer celebrated in Vienna e.g. great success with his operas Three Sisters and Angels in America and is one of the most frequently performed opera composers today.

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Musical direction | Walter Kobéra

Staging | Jan Eßinger

Dramaturgy | Kai Weßler

Stage | Sonja Füsti

Costume | Benita Roth

Light |Franz Tscheck

Light| Karl Wiedemann

The young woman | Camilla Saba Davies

The woman over sixty | Christa Ratzenböck

The young man | Felix Heuser

The man over sixty | Karl-Michael Ebner

The man | Peter Schöne

Walter Kobéra

Peter Eötvös

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